Critical Issues Facing the County Clerk's Office

The county clerk is a manager, an administrator, of four types of county records, physical and electronic: Elections, County Board Records, Vital Records and certain Tax information. Also, based on a voter referendum, the Clerk's office is to be merged with the County Recorder's office as early as 2020.

Two immediate concerns:

• Budget
• Merger

The county has had budget problems for the past few years. Our former County Clerk, Margie Mullins, ran a fiscally efficient office. Unfortunately our current budget crisis, and the pending merger with the Recorder's office poses new fiscal concerns.

I've worked with tight budgets and department mergers before, and having managed physical and electronic record storage systems, I know our options, and how to prepare for such changes.

I will also bring my years of training and customer support skills to the County Clerk's office to help streamline these changes, with as little impact our our public service as possible. I am uniquely trained to be your next Winnebago County Clerk.

I'm prepared to by your next County Clerk and I'm asking for your vote.  
Thank you!


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