Margie Mullins Commercial Endorsing Paul Gorski for County Clerk

I am honored to have our recently retired County Clerk endorse me in my race for Clerk. Retired County Coroner, Sue Fiduccia, has endorsed me too, but Sue is not in this commercial. Thanks Sue and Margie.  

Endorsed by Margie Mullins

Margie Mullins Endorses Paul Gorski for Winnebago County Clerk I am proud to have the endorsement of Margie Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk, retired. No, I am not running against Margie! Margie Mullins worked in the County Clerk's office for many years before being elected to the office of County Clerk. Under Margie's leadership, the County Clerk's office reduce costs while increasing the level of customer support. I plan to continue that tradition. Thank you Margie for your trust and support.